Nashville’s Les Kerr creates a sound that’s both jovial and cerebral all at the same time... Like its predecessor New Orleans Set, Kerr’s latest, Bay Street, takes an idyllic look at life on the Gulf Coast with clever commentary about people and places typical of seaside environs. Making music that he likes to call “Hillbilly Blues Caribbean Rock and Roll,” Kerr takes his stylistic additives from a variety of genres -- reggae, country, folk, blues and rock ‘n’ roll -- and meshes them into a hybrid that’s philosophical, sunny and suggestive. He adds a tender touch on ballads like “Running Buddies,” “Still on the Farm” and “Southerners and Irishmen,” injecting some knowing sentiment into everyday occurrences, whether it’s the unspoken romance that pervades the former, the sense of longing that inspires the latter, or the hard-fought struggle simply to survive that forms the basis of the song in-between. As a result, he comes across as a kind of tireless troubadour, sharing his philosophical outlook from the view of an eccentric Everyman, one who frequently sees things from a somewhat skewed point of view. So too, when he offers up an amiable description of a sleepy beach town called “Magnolia Springs,” it’s practically impossible not to want to while away some time in a place that can offer a well-deserved respite.  

Lee Zimmerman, No Depression

Nobody writes the 'Old Coast' like Les Kerr. He is the James Lee Burke of music.” - Howard Bahr


Kerr hails from Mississippi and developed a deep love of the blues while growing up. His deep voice is reminiscent of a bluesy Johnny Cash and his well-crafted guitar playing lays down the perfect accompaniment for each song...Les Kerr is no stranger to the Crescent City.” - Kathleen Rippy

— Offbeat, New Orleans, Louisiana

This is the perfect model of the Nashville songwriter, performing the music that flows from the pen via the soul and personality of the writer. Les Kerr is delightful and masterful in his expression of these tunes.” - Cynthia Aycock

— Digital Rodeo

I love Les Kerr. He’s multi-talented, a great songwriter and artist. Les is a favorite with Bluebird audiences.

Amy Kurland, Founder, Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, Tennessee

An outstanding singer,instrumentalist, composer & bandleader, Kerr's adroit musical blend combines blues, R&B, and soul with zydeco, bluegrass and country.” - Ron Wynn

— Nashville Scene

Les Kerr’s music does more than connect you to life in the South. It invites you to meet the region’s people, tour its backroads, absorb its stories, and even sample its food. Listen for a spell and hear it for yourself. You’ll feel right at home, regardless of where you were born.” - Amy Lyles Wilson

Writer and Longtime Nashvillian

While listening to The Americana Boogie this morning, [I realized] Les' gift is telling the listener what is going on in life. I feel like I have just had an update from him about what he's thinking about. That is a great way to approach songwriting.” - David Holt

— TV host, Grammy Award winner

Les Kerr’s CD The Americana Boogie, that features the song Mississippi Sunshine, is a mix of salt water blues tales and blues ballads, with lyrics that make you reminisce and think, as well as melodies that make you tap your toes or just sit back and enjoy.” - Andy Forsyth, program director

Beachfront Radio

Les Kerr has a gift for crafting songs and lyrics from his life and surroundings.  Like a great bowl of gumbo the best stuff is just below the surface!” - Eric Dahl

Acme Radio Live